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Group for families with Romany (Gypsy) children [Dec. 1st, 2007|11:00 pm]


x-posted ferociously, sorry
Hello, I may have posted something like this before, but I've lost my list...

I am a Romany woman from the Czech Republic. My husband and I have two children through adoption. I volunteer for a support group that helps foster and adoptive families with Romany children. I am starting an English-language e-mail list for adoptive families with Romany kids (full, half, or whatever), and I thought European adoption people would be interested, since most children coming out of Bulgaria, Romania and some other countries are at least half-Romany. I think it's quite difficult, especially for Americans, to find reliable information about Romany communities, while at the same time it can be very important for adoptees to connect with their ethnic heritage. I'd like to provide cultural information and role-model contacts where possible, and to facilitate a network for us parents and, eventually, for our children. Please send me your e-mail address ASAP if you're interested, and please pass on to others as appropriate.

Thank you,