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Immigration Process [Aug. 22nd, 2007|04:50 pm]


What's the Immigration process for bringing a child into the US?
I'm a US Resident and my husband is a US Citizen.
The adoption will be through family and the baby is due around Feb/March and will be born in Australia.
Just wondering what is needed to be done as far as bringing the baby back to the US is concerned?
Thanks in advance!

[User Picture]From: problematika
2008-01-06 07:48 am (UTC)

definition of orphan

Hi, I think you should talk to someone with a lot of experience with this (independent adoptions, maybe someone at the BCIS adoption office - or general children's issues office) very soon. Your adoption might be tricky if the child won't have been in an orphanage first. From what I understand, US immigration is very touchy (and for good reason) about people getting kids directly from the birth parents, because of the risk of trafficking or even simple payment... I'm afraid I can't really help you except to say find out as much information as you can. I see you wrote this a long time ago so maybe you've already done so. Good luck!
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