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Anyone else having similar issues with doctors? [Dec. 10th, 2006|08:52 am]

I decided to write this letter after my son had a life-threatening emergency and after Complex Care Services at the hospital requested information from his pediatrician to see if he's eligible for care coordination. She misunderstood my message (through the incompetent office assistant) and left me another one, saying Bubla doesn't need preemie services (not that that's primarily what I'm asking for) because he wasn't born around here (??!!!) and the pediatrician's office can handle all preemie follow up. I guess it hasn't occurred to her that it's not just about liver panels or asking me repeatedly, one year after the adoption, how we're "adjusting to each other"...

Dear specialists of the Complex Care Services:

My son, [Bubla], has been in the United States since September of this year. He was born prematurely in Prague, Czech Republic, officially at 26 weeks + 5 days, although he weighed 1240 g so he may have been closer to 28 weeks. His biological mother had not received prenatal care, and we do not have a family medical history. Read more...Collapse ) Bubla has never been seen in a preemie follow-up clinic or by a specialist in post-institutional/“international adoption” issues (another set of significant questions, including sleep disorders, etc.), nor has he had any coordinated care beyond reports being sent to pediatricians. Often enough, I have heard his doctors mention possible connections between parts of his body and medical history (e.g., prematurity, asthma symptoms, reflux and swallowing; or FTT [GI] and the need for a brain and spinal cord MRI [neurology]), but of course I am not qualified to assess these remarks, and the doctors never seem to talk with each other. Not infrequently (and even since returning to the U.S.) I have had to shuttle back and forth between two or more physicians or therapy providers, negotiating their seemingly differing opinions and consequently wondering if a treatment is the best option or even whether it’s necessary. This is not meant as a complaint, but rather as an explanation of my wish to see the people who take care of Bubla communicate among themselves when it might be beneficial. I do not think it’s necessary for Bubla to receive coordinated or former preemie services on an ongoing basis, but I would greatly appreciate any help you could provide with my attempt to answer lingering questions about his health and about the interrelationships between different specialty areas.

Thank you for your time and consideration.
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(no subject) [Dec. 2nd, 2006|02:14 pm]

Once again, these are the people supposedly protecting us from foreign terrorsts setting up training camps and carrying out operations on American soil. This is only the very latest in a seemingly endless string of unbelievably incompetent mistakes made by the INS/BCIS (now part of Homeland Security, yay!) on members of my family _alone_. I could go through some examples, but I don't know if people would believe me. So, yesterday, in honor of the one-year-anniversary of my son's Gotcha Day (well, mom-gotcha, anyway), we received his Resident Alien ("green," though mine was pink and this one's white) card. Along with this came the 3rd (THIRD) copy of the same exact letter we got about a week ago (two copies on the same day), instructing Bubla to wait because he will hear from the government within 30 days about receiving his Green card. I will skip the sad, sad tale about our completely pointless trip to the BCIS office (where you have to stand in line even if you have an appointment) on Thursday, I'll just point out two facts the U.S. government might like to know.
1. Bubla is a United States citizen. He has a passport, luckily still in my possesssion. (I am firmly hoping to get him a U.S. birth certificate, thanks to a wonderful employee of City Hall named Brenda, so that I can brandish it in the face of any and all arrogant BCIS employees who insist I have to pay $200 (+?) for a Citizenship certificate. The only fee that makes more sense than making me pay for their mistake in not giving it to him automatically is the additional thousands of dollars they require us to pay before they'll let our second child into the country, even though we finished a homestudy a year ago and haven't become child molesters since then. (A guy standing behind us in line on Thursday, completely unaware of us, was looking at some bulletin board info - I assume it was the fees - and remarked, "Wow, they really don't like orphans.")
2. Czechoslovakia was last an existing country in 1992. Now can everyone count with me - how many years ago was that? Now how many years old is this little boy, hold up your fingers! That's right, two. Good job, immigration officers! So do you think he could have been born in a country that hasn't existed for fourteen years? Put your thinking caps on! Now, you might be aware that one of the 9/11 terrorists had some dealings in Prague shortly before that incident...I just thought that in general, you might want to know which _existing_ country has that city as its capital.

Now that I have out of the way, on to much more pleasant narration. Today is the one-year anniversary of my bringing Bubla home to the Prague apartment, after we spent over 24 hours together at the orphanage (if I remember correctly, he tried to eat the phone during my efforts to introduce him to his faraway daddy). Since Wednesday, which was one year after THE CALL, I have been happily reliving all the emotions of the original events, maybe even more sappily, since I'm not overwhelmed by practicalities this time around.
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Sesame Street adoption episode [Nov. 24th, 2006|03:16 am]

Hi, I'm the mother of a two-year-old boy, whom we adopted a year ago...
I'm posting this in some other groups, too...
I recently saw a touching Sesame Street episode in which a (single) mom is about to go adopt a child in Guatemala. Does anyone know where I could find a copy of this? I don't know what it was called...I was out of town and didn't see the end because I was rushing off. It seems like a good way to educate both adopted children and their friends...
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Virtual Parents for orphaned disabled children from Russia [Oct. 18th, 2006|12:25 pm]

Every child wants his Mom and Dad to love him and guard against any adversities.

But, unfortunately, not all the children come into the world to a caring family with loving parents. These children were born different, not like their peers. Many of them appear to be too "difficult" for their own parents and they are placed under the state guardianship.

Our project is developed for children-orphans with problems and peculiarities of mental, speech and physical development.

They live in orphanages, they do not need clothing and food. But they are eager to get to know the world around through communication with people, to feel care and attention, as all the children. Today just few usual joys of childhood are available to them…

And, above all, it is very important to these children to know that somebody can give them attention, hold out a hand to support – and then the world around which seemed to be hostile and gloomy begin to sparkle with joy and happiness!

This site is a bridge between many children of Perm krai and you. They do not need a lot: some kind words, your attention, small financial support.

We will be grateful to everybody, who wants to join our project, to become a "virtual parent" to a "special" child.

Spare your time, share your heart!

Virtual Parents
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Guatemalan twins debut on Sesame Street [Jul. 27th, 2006|11:25 pm]

Guatemalan twins debut on Sesame Street!!

My son just adores Sesame Street, and I just got an e-mail fwd from the agency we used to adopt our son, about the up coming episodes that are focused on adoption! Thought others might be interested!!

THIS year, we get to see two of our budding actors debut on Sesame Street, Ashlynn and Caleb! This is going to be a wonderful series focusing on the joys of adoption...so get your VCRs ready to roll. The episode numbers are:
4130, 4131, 4132, 4133 and 4134.

The proposed dates (check with your local PBS station to verify):
November 6th , 7th, 8th, 9th and 10th. November 15th and 16th. November 23rd and 24th.
December 13th, 25th and 28th.
February 2007- Feb. 23rd
March 2007- 19th, 20th, 21st, 22nd and 23rd.
May 2007- 11th and 15th.
June 2007- 26th and 27th
July 2007- 2nd, 3rd and 5th.
August 2007- 6th, 7th, 8th, 9th, and 10th.
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An FYI -- [Jul. 21st, 2006|02:05 pm]

Hi -- I am wondering if it would be appropriate for me to pass on some information?

On July 29th, I'm doing Blogathon 2006 for GRACE Fund which is through Adoption Advocates International. It's a fund that has been developed by AAI to help families defray adoption costs, particularly families seeking to adopt more "difficult to place" children (older, sibling groups, etc).

I thought that there may be folks in this community who would be interested in sponsoring such a fund? If so, they can sign up to Sponsor Me. The money doesn't *ever* go to me or to blogathon -- it goes directly to the charity. The pledge just goes through the blogathon site.

I chose AAI and GRACE Fund because at some point -- I don't know when, but sometime! -- I am going to adopt (from Ethiopia) and I have decided to use AAI as my agency. Since I'm not in the position to do so yet, I thought I could at least raise money for those who are trying to make their dreams of adopting come true.

I hope this isn't totally out-of-line -- I didn't want to join solely for the purpose of almost "spamming" your group. But I did want to share this.

Thank you! (Feel free to visit my blog and check it out.)
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Fund Raising [Jul. 14th, 2006|08:43 pm]

My husband and I are planning on adopting several times, but we're struggling with the large cost of international adoption and the loans available will only cover, at most, 50% of the cost. We still have a good amount of time before we begin our home study, but we have started a fund raising project online and could really use some help spreading the word about it.

This is a magazine selling site, 100% of the profits go into a special adoption savings account to gain interest. If you'd like to buy/renew a magazine please consider doing it through us, if you can (or if you buy a magazine as a gift).

If you would like to help us *please please please* CLICK HERE

You can opt to either buy magazines or refer other people to buy magazines from us (if you refer 12 people over they say you'll get a free movie ticket, but please check the website for the exact details).

Thank you in advance for your help.
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Offensive article in the news [Jun. 28th, 2006|12:22 am]


I am *shocked* to read this article in the latimes.
I hate seeing international adoption portrayed as a way to "shop" for kids, along with all the other offensive comments in the article. I just don't find this article very funny...
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Adopt a teen? [Jun. 22nd, 2006|02:13 am]
I'm 15, female, and Asian.
Would you like to adopt me?
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(no subject) [May. 18th, 2006|08:15 pm]

Hello everyone,

I'm new here so I will go ahead and introduce myself.


I'm new so I will introduce myself.

My name is Judy. I'm in my early thirties and live outside of Philadelphia PA. I have a son, who is nearly 6, from my first marriage. I am currently remarried. Unfortunately it seems that we can not have another child. Well, we could if we did fertility treatments but even then the doctors were recommending I use a donor egg. So why not just adopt outright? So that is what we are doing.

We were originally looking at adopting a girl from China but are now thinking of adopting from Vietnam instead. I can't really say why, it is just a feeling I have.

I know that adoptions from Vietnam have been closed for the last three years and is only allowing adoptions recently.

We are at the very beginning of the process, just beginning to gather paperwork and write our essays for the home-study.

In my family we don't have any adoptions due to the rarity of fertility problems. My husband's family has several adopted members, which includes my husband, but the adoptions were not inter-racial. So what issues have come up due to the inter-racial nature of the adoption?

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