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My name is Victoria, and I am looking for someone knowledgeable about… - AdoptingAbroad [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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[Jan. 15th, 2007|04:29 am]


My name is Victoria, and I am looking for someone knowledgeable about adoption (particularly overseas.) Please do not criticize or judge me, but I am only sixteen years old. I am NOT looking to adopt NOW, but in the near future (and by near future I mean in my very late twenties.) Time flys by, and I have realized over the years that if you're interested in something then it's best to start educating yourself about the subject asap. I would like to one day have a very large family of five or more. I do not feel any want to have children from my own body, although this may most likely change in later years but I do feel this need to rescue, and provide a loving, caring home for other children. I have had a rough upbringing, but since I was a little girl I always loved the idea of adopting animals, rather than buying from puppy-mills etc. This is a terrible example, but I have this life goal of adopting children and this sense of self confidence that I would be fully capable of doing so. I understand that each country has its own set of laws, if not each providence, but I just want to understand what kind of chance I have for fulfilling this dream later in life. I would love to have a home of different races, but do agencies prefer to place children with adults of the same race? Do they look at what races other adopted children are? Is there a limit? Also, I do not, and never intend to have a criminal background. I have also been attending college since I was fifteen years old and am currently working towards my associates degree in photography. I hope to transfer to a four year college afterwards, and am also interested in dermatology and cosmetic surgery. In the adoption process, would my education over qualify me, and if I chose to either become a forensic photographer or a doctor would they believe I would have no time for my child(ren)? Of course I am hoping to one day meet someone and currently have had the same boyfriend for over a year. I had lived with my mother for fifteen years but couldn't handle her verbal/physical abuse any longer and had escaped, running to my father who I now with. My father is not supportive over adoption, seeing it as ridiculous to "pretend" to be the "parent" of a child not your own. While we obviously have very different opinions, he encourages me in my education and is only interested in my success. He started out as a father very young, and had actually moved out from his parents house at fifteen and lived in an apartment in manhattan on his own for quite sometime. My mother, on the other hand, was only separated from her mother when she passed away. Once again, during the adoption process, will they look at my own parent(s) and make judgements on me, based on them? Also, my boyfriend lives with me (despite having a very loving, stable family of his own.) I often find people looking at me, thinking that I'm pretending to be an adult but I am able to see the obvious difference, and value my youth very much. I right now have no financial problems of my own, nor do I have any person(s) dependent on me, although I once had to cope with such situations when living with my mother. Whether or not I am a single when I decide to adopt, will it make much of an impact and limit me severely? I understand China’s new regulation, but maybe that will change by the time I turn 30. Which leads to another question... if I want to adopt at 28, maybe 29 will I really be crossed out because I am not yet 30? Or, will they allow me to fill out applications and look for a child to adopt at 29, and after the 1 year waiting period when hopefully the child is ready to be adopted I will then be 30? I believe I will also have sufficient room to accommodate all the children I claim to want as the house I will be inheriting from my mother has 32 rooms. Seven of them being bedrooms, and if it was appropriate, bunk beds could be the solution for more space if needed. To me, I feel as if I would be the perfect “candidate”, besides for the fact that I am currently unsure of what my martial status will be like at that point. Are there other things I need to worry about, and consider? I really look forward to this as the largest part of my future. Furthermore, are there any issues with pets? Would they consider Great Danes to be a danger to the child(ren)? Animals of course are unpredictable, but if a dog/cat are of good health, friendly and tolerable of children are there restrictions? Are there restrictions to how many cats/dogs you can have as well? I am interested in this because I am also intending to have rescued pets be a big part of the family too. One more thing I think that is note worthy is that I would also like to travel back to the countries my children are adopted from, educate them in their homeland and native language, and their religion too. For example, if I had a little girl and boy from china, a boy from Russia and the Ukraine, a boy from Africa... I would plan out multiple yearly trips back to their homelands, and possibly to their villages if there was no safety issue. Obviously this may seem quite silly right now, considering what’s going on in Russia/Ukraine/Africa and that there is no way to insure safety over there right now but things can always change... so besides the trips, I would insure that my Chinese children would learn Chinese, my Russian baby would learn Russian etc. I personally am German, Ukranian and Russian. I have been learning German for the past couple of years, and start Russian this spring. Which leads to the next thing... when adopting foreign children, do they have any education in the English language, or will communicating be difficult until they grasp the language or I know theirs? I have no age limitations. I would not mind if the child is one year, or ten years old. Although I believe that raising an older child may be more difficult, and harder for them to accept me or become accustomed to a new life across the world, I believe it might be worth the effort if there were a good outcome. I think I have covered everything, and I apologize if I have not made myself clear or if there are any misunderstandings. Thank you.

[User Picture]From: yushkevich
2008-01-04 01:46 pm (UTC)


And what is going on in Russia, that you are so afraid to go there?
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